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School Tech Repair is a branch of MDtekk LLC based in Muncie, IN that caters specifically to schools. MDtekk has 3 walk in repair stores throughout east central Indiana.
MDtekk was started by two Ball State University alumni with the vision of making electronics repair a lot more convenient and a lot less stressful for the local population.
In 2016, MDtekk won the Flagship Scale Up Company of the Year award as owner and CEO Zack Marvel pitched his vision for School Tech Repair.
School Tech Repair is the only true full service electronics repair company that can be your school’s one stop shop for all of your electronics needs. We repair all electronics, offering both mail in and delivery options, as well as repair class support options to make the experience even more rewarding by extending an invaluable skill to your school’s students.
School Tech Repair was launched with┬ástudents and teachers at the heart of everything we do. Marvel’s passion for education drove him to not only desire to create a simple and stress free process for electronics repairs for schools, but to go beyond that to make it a rewarding and educational tool for students and staff. This is why he pioneered what we here at School Tech Repair call “Repair Class Support,” empowering students to repair their own devices and teaching them a lifelong skill, while at the same time solving the issue of broken devices and getting the technology back in the hands of the students to keep your school learning and growing.